Learning At In On

As a bussinesman, we must good at english so yesterday i take my first english class because i realize my english is not good enough. What i learn yesterday ? i share it to you

Yesterday i learn the difference between at, in and on. Some people include me, don’t know exactly when i must use at, in and on. So let’s learn together frend …

We use at for exact times (at 10 a’clock), meal times (at lunch), point of time (at night), festivals (at independence day).

We use on for days of the week (on Monday), parts of the day (on Sunday Morning), dates (On June 1st), particular occasions (On that day), anniversaries (on your birthday), festivals (On New Year’s Day)

We use in for parts of the day (in the evening), Months (In May), Year (In 2011), seasons (in the summer), centuries (in 20th century), periods (In Ramadan, in two years time).

Any Question ? Leave it at comment or send me email at jonathan@impact.com

Thx 4 learning together

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